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Tipling Stage Company - Shelburne Community Theatre - presents But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

Event Start: 2015-03-27 20:00:00

Event End: 2015-03-27 22:30:00

When Barnaby is murdered at Marlgate Manor, it is quite obvious that he had a motive to murder everybody else but... nobody has a reason to murder him. So, with a murderer on the loose, a mystifying limerick, a treasure hunt for a secret family fortune, secret passageways, revolving doors and poisoned drinks, there is a frantic and hilarious rush to solve the clue he leaves behind before anybody else is killed. Written by Rick Abbot. Directed by Jean Jardine Miller.

spaghetti dinner

Event Start: 2015-03-28 05:08:00

Event End: 2015-03-28 05:00:00

by NLCC Orillia navy cadets

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