Amazing story leads to amazing donation
Written By: Tuesday, October 25th 2016

On October 24, 2015 Steve Fox went to work,  except this day would change how he looks at life.  Steve, who owns Fox’s Bakery on Victory Street in Barrie is like many others.  He didn’t think he was having a heart attack.  He thought at his age that would be the last thing to hit him.

From that frightening day in 2015, Steve has learned a great deal about what is known as the gold care of treatment or the 90 minute window for saving those having a heart attack.  Unfortunately a large area of KICX Country currently falls outside of that important window of opportunity.  Steve’s life was saved because on that early Saturday morning the highway wasn’t as busy as a weekday and he made it to Newmarket in an ambulance in time for medical staff to save his life.

Radio for Cardiology is Larche Communication Inc’s $500,000 pledge to help provide advanced cardiac care for more people in KICX Country through the purchase of a cardiac catheterization lab to be installed at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.  Through the fabulous donations we receive we know we will reach this target and Steve Fox and the staff of Fox’s Bakery are the latest to help us do it.

From October 24th, 2015 to cheque presentation day (exactly one year later) on October 24th, 2016 an incredible story unfolded for Steve Fox and his story has increased our growing R4C total by over $24,000.


As Steve said at the cheque presentation, “that’s a lot of buns,”  but the smile on his face said it all.  Since learning about R4C and with what he’s gone through he said he’s humbled and pleased to step forward and donate to the R4C campaign to help save lives.

Thanks Steve.  You’re right when you say “Fox’s Bakery is not just the freshest buns in town.”