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Amy Aust

Hey! Amy here.
I do mid days here at KICX 106.
I’m an open book and if you listen to me (and of course you do, why wouldn’t you?!) you already know so much about me, but there are a few things perhaps you didn’t know…
I’m a diet coke junkie
I love penny candy
Biggest fear: Balloons (clowns a close second)
I am a chronic nail biter
Carrie Underwood once complimented me on my eyelashes
I’ve seen Dolly Parton 12 times. I’d see her another 12.
I’m tone deaf
I like beards
I collect tattoos
my guilty pleasures include reality shows and tabloid magazines.

Bryan Cooper

Hi there! You can call me “Coop.”

A few things about me:
-I’ve been married to my lovely wife Sarah since 2013, and we have a beautiful daughter Abigail…
-We also have a “pleasantly plump” cat named Elliot
-I grew up in the beautiful Muskoka’s/Cottage Country
-I’m Dutch (I actually fit the stereotype…I’m tall, blond and love discounts)
-I eat, breathe, and just plain love hockey.
-I’m not ashamed at all, that I’m a die-hard Leafs fan…Don’t judge me
(I hope to see the cup return to Toronto before I’m 80)
-I love most activities/sports outdoors
I look forward to hanging out with you!

Carey Moran

Carey has been half of the KICX 106 morning show team for the past decade. When not “on air” – she enjoys spending her time “on water.” Boating on Georgian Bay is one of the passions she shares with her partner Chris and their little Jack-huahua, Buddy. She also enjoys a glass of wine, an occasional round of golf, hot tubbing in winter, and a competitive game of Scrabble – although not necessarily in that order!

Chris Evans

Hi, I’m Chris!

I’m here to spend weekend afternoons with you, so give me a call at 705-792-2000, let me know what you’re doing while listening to KICX106.

Here’s a few things about me…
I’ve been on radio since I was 16
Just turned 40 on October 25th (Scorpio)
Busy at home with my spouse Michelle and our 2 girls Leanna and Brady
Enjoy playing hockey when I can from Sept-April
In the summer I’m hanging around the pool enjoying a cold beverage and got the BBQ fired up!

Jack Latimer

Hi, I’m Jack Latimer the Jack part of the Jack & Carey morning show (you did figure out I’m the Jack part, right?) Radio being a fun job is what keeps me coming to work so early in the morning and keeps me feeling young. Yes I still think I’m in my 20’s, although it’s kind of scary to think that when I first started in radio, Carey was still in public school. This doesn’t back-up Carey’s claim that I’m old, but might reveal that Carey spent too many years in public school. Trying to play a good song on the guitar and trying to watch a winning Leaf game are two ways I relax. I don’t relax a whole lot in the winter. Favorite colour-blue, favourite book-The Bible, favourite food-chicken, favourite animal-dog, least favourite thing-writing these kind of things.

Kevin Dunlop

Hey! I’m Kevin
I was born and raised in Orillia Ontario. 90s kid.
If I’m not working I like to be outside and go hiking or camping in the summer or just relaxing by a bonfire.
I’m a big nerd. Huge Star Wars fan. I also love the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones I also love reading comics. I’m a big DC fan. Go Batman!

Neil Anthony

I live and breathe music. From the time I wake up you will find me listening to anything from Country to Rock and everything in between. When not rockin’ the airwaves I am out looking for a great band performing or grabbin’ a drink with friends and chatting about anything from politics to entertainment or sports. I also bleed Blue and White, Go Leafs Go!