Jack Latimer


Hi, I’m Jack Latimer the Jack part of the Jack & Carey morning show (you did figure out I’m the Jack part, right?)  Radio being a fun job is what keeps me coming to work so early in the morning and keeps me feeling young.  Yes I still think I’m in my 20’s, although it’s kind of scary to think that when I first started in radio, Carey was still in public school.  This doesn’t back-up Carey’s claim that I’m old, but might reveal that Carey spent too many years in public school.  Trying to play a good song on the guitar and trying to watch a winning Leaf game are two ways I relax. I don’t relax a whole lot in the winter.  Favorite colour-blue, favourite book-The Bible, favourite food-chicken, favourite animal-dog, least favourite thing-writing these kind of things.