Carey's County Adventures
Written By: Friday, December 8th 2017

Join Carey Moran as she discovers the County of Simcoe, finding fun and exciting things to do this winter!

In the first video, Carey began the “Beer Around the Bay” Tour. In the second video, Carey continues the tour, and arrives at Northwinds Brewhouse and Kitchen.

Want to win a County of Simcoe prize pack valued at $1000 (including an overnight stay in Collingwood and a “Beer Around the Bay Tour”, and an overnight stay at Fern Resort)?

Watch the video below, find the “Secret Code”, and enter it in the form at the bottom of the page. You will be entered into the draw, and one lucky winner will win! *Draw will be made Feb 15th 2018. Regular rules and regs apply.

Carey's County Adventure!