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Hi, I’m Jack Latimer obviously the Jack part of the Jason, Jack & Carey morning show (you did figure that out, right?) Radio being a fun job is what keeps me coming to work so early in the morning and keeps me feeling young. Yes, I still think I’m in my 30’s, although it’s kind of scary to think that when I first started in radio, Carey was still in public school and Jason didn’t know how to play the guitar.  This doesn’t backup Carey’s claim that I’m old, but might reveal that Carey spent too many years in public school. Trying to play a good song on the guitar and trying to watch a winning Leaf game are two ways I relax. I don’t relax a whole lot in the winter although I keep hoping to get a few guitar lessons from Jason so things could look better in the future relaxation down that road. Favorite colour-blue, favourite book-The Bible, favourite food-chicken, favourite animal-dog, least favourite thing-writing this kind of thing.