Country Artists on Talk Shows!
Written By: Friday, September 30th 2016

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It’s always neat to be reminded that even though these big-time country artists are incredibly skilled at what they do, they’re still…human, like you and me!

Here are a few memorable “Country Talk Show Moments” from the past year:

  1. Most recently, Luke Bryan appeared on Ellen…And he got soaked!

2. Carrie Underwood had the “hockey” scared out of her on Ellen as well…

3. Who could forget the time we all witnessed Blake try sushi for the first time?

4.  Always neat to hear Tim McGraw talk about his family!

5. Who wouldn’t want to carpool with Carrie?!

6. Ever wonder what Taylor Swift’s deepest fear is?

7. I’m pretty sure Blake really does not like Jimmy Fallon…

8. Apparently the guys from Florida Georgia Line love Olive Garden…

9. How well would YOU say Luke Bryan played Catchphrase??

10. This one is from several years ago, but there’s something hilarious about this prank on Taylor Swift…