Coyote pack attacks Alliston man, dog
Written By: Thursday, February 2nd 2017

The OPP are warning Alliston and area residents about a pack of coyotes after a man walking his dog was attacked.

The man was walking his dog on Albert Street on the east side of town late Tuesday night, when he encountered a pack of coyotes. He reported that there were about eight coyotes in the pack, and that three attacked him and his dog. The dog was able to fend them off, and neither was injured.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Natural Resources says it’s coyote breeding season and a time when they are on the move and generally in packs at night. Coyotes are very good at taking advantage of whatever food people make available and that it is likely that there is a food source in the area that they are moving in. Once the pups have grown enought, the female will take them out of the den and they will travel to find food sources, staying close to the locations where they find food.

MNR Advice

Pet owners should make sure their dog is leashed when walking, and to be vigilante.

Residents should ensure that garbage containing food is not left where the coyotes can access it.