Crazy Bob's fall & winter weather prediction
Written By: Monday, September 25th 2017

KICX 106 listener Crazy Bob looks to insects, trees, plants and animals to provide a long range look at the weather and for the fall and winter he is predicting some mild weather.

For starters Bob takes a close look at the 9th and 19th of September to provide an outlook on what the fall temperature will be like and he is predicting a mild October and perhaps a mild November and December could follow.  As for winter, he doubts that Georgian Bay will freeze over this year which could mean some heavy wet snowfall at times for the winter months and he bases this prediction on what he is seeing with the birds and insects right now.  There may not be a ton of snow but, when we do get it the snow will be wet which could mean some power outages this winter.


You can hear all the detail he puts into forecast in the call Jason, Jack and Carey had with Bob on September 25th.