Day one of Eat the Math, challenging
Written By: Tuesday, December 6th 2016

Day one of the Eat the Math foodbank challenge is in the books, and so far I have not had cravings for the food I normally eat – although I did miss milk and cheese.

Here is what I ate on Day one:

breakfast – 1 snack bag of dry Captain Crunch cereal and a black tea
snack – 1 (somewhat) hard boiled egg (after Crossfit workout)
lunch – eight saltines with peanut butter
dinner – spaghetti with tomato sauce and 1/3 tin of fruit cocktail

The quantity of food was adequate so I am not hungry. The quality of the food was poor (processed, too much salt and sugar, low nutrient value). I also developed a headache, likely the result of not drinking coffee when I normally have one at home and one cup at work in the mornings. I also found myself feeling sleepy on the drive home from work, which is unusual for me.

My other challenge today was the boiled egg I brought to have after working out – a protein snack. However, when I cracked it, the white was still somewhat runny and the yolk was not raw, but not fully cooked. I didn’t have another source of protein, and as someone living in poverty, couldn’t justify throwing it out – besides the rules of the challenge dictate that I had no means to purchase another snack. I chose to eat it. It was gross.

In order to distract myself from the food in my kitchen, I spent part of the afternoon pre-preparing some meals.

food prep

I divided the Captain Crunch into snack packs, and the tin of fruit cocktail into three dessert portions. The spaghetti with tomato sauce in the top container will last at least two more meals, and I made an interesting concoction for at least three more. It’s in the lower container. I don’t know what to call it, other than disgusting. It didn’t really turn out the way I envisioned it in my mind.

macaroni and cheese
tin of cut green beans
tin of tuna

Boil pasta, rinse and drain. Add tuna and beans with liquid, and then stir in the package of cheese. Try to enjoy.