Does your pet respond to music?
Written By: Tuesday, March 5th 2013

This is cute and interested at the same time.   A Scottish zoo is using music to hopefully get their pandas in the mood.

Female pandas are only fertile for about two days a year which poses a huge problem to get them to reproduce.  If the timing is right, but they’re not in the mood everything is lost.

At the Edinburgh Zoo a female panda by the name of Tian Tian will soon enter a phase of reproduction and staff at the zoo now try to set the stage so that Yang Guang the zoo’s male panda and Tian Tian are feeling like a little romance during this critical timing period.




One of the tactics to hopefully set the mood is the use of music.  The zoo has switched the panda’s usual radio station to an easy listening format because the station is featuring Marvin Gaye songs like “Let’s Get It On.”

Will this idea work?  Perhaps, because zoo staff has noticed that Yang Guang appears to be more relaxed and is soothed by Marvin Gaye type songs. The staff is also including some exercise, extra bamboo, and even special mood lighting as the days of romance approach.

Hopefully, this year “Sweetie” and “Sunshine” make music because last year there was only a sign of attraction but no action.  (Tian Tian’s name means “Sweetie” and Yang Guang translates to “Sunshine”)

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