Eat the Math takes a toll
Written By: Wednesday, December 7th 2016

We are into day three of the Karma Project’s Eat the Math foodbank challenge, and I am struggling.

I had a decent start to the day yesterday. Had my early morning snack of a bag of dry Captain Crunch cereal – then at about 9am had my 1st lunch of pasta and tomato sauce that I prepared the day before. I was planning on going to Crossfit but wasn’t feeling it, so I did a bit of shopping before my presentation at LeCaron. On the way I enjoyed my post-workout boiled egg even though I didn’t work out, then when I got home I had my second lunch of crackers, peanut butter and apple slices, which was actually quite delicious.


So far so good.

But then the wheels fell off. I awoke from my afternoon nap, groggy and lethargic and couldn’t get going again. Even worse, I went to the fridge to get my “tuna surprise” pre-prepared meal, but just had no appetite for it. I went to bed early without dinner. It’s still in the fridge. Maybe tonight.

Things are no better this morning. I am, for lack of a better word, grouchy. And distracted. But mostly grouchy.

And I am giving my bag of dry Captain Crunch cereal dirty looks, and dreaming of a coffee, with milk, and a BLT sandwich.

And we are only on day three.

My heart breaks for the single moms and dads, seniors and others who have to live this way every day.