Facebook Killer Found Dead
Written By: Tuesday, April 18th 2017

The man who filmed himself walking up to another man and shot him has been found dead by an apparent suicide.

According to officer, Steve Stephens was found with a self inflicted gunshot wound in his car in Pennsylvania after a car chase. He was apparently licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Stephens had posted a video of him angrily speaking of his ex and claiming to have killed 12 other people, that video remained on Facebook for three hours before it came down. The 37 year old man walked up to the elderly man who was collecting cans and shot him at point blank range blaming a woman for what was about to happen. According to a CBC article, Stephens’s life had been unravelling at the seams under gambling debts and apparent trouble with this girlfiend. At one point during the search, police were offering a $50,000 reward to information that would lead to his arrest.