It's all cussing
Written By: Tuesday, February 26th 2013

I recently read an article about using substitute swear words.  The words used to add impact or expressive excitement to whatever is said without really swearing.  One definition states it as, “the words and phrases commonly used in front of children by parents or family members when they would otherwise use a swear word.”


I’ve got to admit I’m a guilty of that from time to time and “golly” I’m thankful there are filler words when I hit my thumb with a hammer because,  “shishkebab” that hurts.  


“Gosh” we’ve all heard the fillers and perhaps you use them.  “Shoot” who hasn’t said a few swear substitutes and “heck” they aren’t that bad are they? 


Thankfully, I grew up hearing “for Pete’s sake”  instead of something else.  However, it’s quite foolish to add Pete into the conversaton because I don’t think Pete really wants to be involved with whatever is happening at the time his name pops up.


I certainly don’t like hearing swear words and in fact many words disgust me, but after reading the article it got me thinking that I need to scrutinize my own life before being critical of others.  This idea goes far beyond words, if you know what I mean.