Barrie man saves truckers in icy crash
Written By: Thursday, March 16th 2017

We received a message from one of our listeners this morning, telling us of the heroic efforts of his friend Matt Compeau of Barrie, who saved the lives of two truckers.
Earlier this week, Matt, his wife Jenn, their 2-month old baby daughter and Matt’s parents were involved in a terrible accident on an icy highway near the Quebec border with Ontario. Their car was crunched in with seven jack-knifed tractor trailers.

According to Matti D’Orval, his friend Matt is a teacher/navy reservist, avid hunter, and a big country music fan who listens to KICX 106. He’s now also a hero who Matti would love to see recognized in some way.

Here is the story from a post by Matt’s wife Jenn:

Matt’s dad, Michael Compeau was also able to snap a picture of the accident scene:

Michael noted that Matt is just out of the screen on the far left, and that the man in black is the driver who was on fire that Matt helped to rescue.

Jack and Carey had an opportunity to speak to Matt on Thursday morning. Here is the full audio of the interview: