No More Fees To Unlock Phones & New Data/Roaming Caps For Customers
Written By: Thursday, June 15th 2017

In an announcement today, the CRTC said that customers will be able to get their cellphones unlocked without having to pay an unlocking fee to the provider. Previously customers were subjected to, what some would call a “ransom fee”, a $50 charged to get their device unlocked to use with another provider, however, as of December 1 2017 that will be a service that customers will no longer have to pay for.


Effective immediately will be changes for family plans. Previously family plans didn’t need specific users approval to go over on roaming and data charges. Often any member of the plan would receive a text message asking for a response of “YES” if they wish to be charged for going over. This became a problem for many families across the country as kids and other members of these plans would reply, then resulting in hundreds of dollars in overage charges.

The CRTC said effective immediately, there will be a cap of $100 on roaming fees and a cap of $50 for going over your data limit. The service provider would need explicit consent from the designated account holder to charge the customer more to continue to over use their data.