The Numbers Are Out: OPP Costing For Town Of Midland
Written By: Thursday, February 9th 2017

It was a full house at Midland Town Council Wednesday night, all in attendance to hear the OPP costing if they were to take over policing the town. The OPP said that if the town were to choose them in policing the area they (the OPP) would do all the the heavy lifting, and it would be a turn key operation. The proposed zone that that the OPP would be policing includes Georgian Bay, Tiny and Tay Townships, Midland and Penetang, and of course the surrounding waterways that they already monitor.

The numbers: the total estimated costs; which include one time capital costs ($679,792), fees for new equipment/uniforms, as well as administrative tasks, would come to a grand total of $5,865,512 over the 3+ year transitional.

Town costs: Some of the costs though would have to be paid for by the town, that includes any building upgrades, storage/destroying of any sensitive documents, and the cost to maintain their Police Services Board if they chose to keep it.

The Town of Midland will be posting the proposal later today.