OPP Take Over The Wye Marsh In A Search & Rescue Training Mission
Written By: Wednesday, November 29th 2017

The OPP and Georgian Bay Volunteer Search And Rescue (GBVSAR) have taken over the Wye Marsh in a training session today. Volunteers and officers have set up a command post to search for two “missing” men at the marsh. The scenario details that the men didn’t return to their vehicle early in the morning and the OPP and GBVSAR have been deployed to help look for them.

The OPP are able to bring in a UAS (unmanned aerial system), aka a drone, to help aid in the search. The drone has the ability to go up about 400 ft off the ground and travel up to speeds up 16-20 knots. There’s a thermal imaging camera on board to help the operator on the ground track what they are seeing from the sky. The camera is detailed enough to show the operator when something is an animal or a person in possible need of assistance.

Team co-ordinator, Darren Buck, says that clues are crucial to the search efforts. Volunteers are calling for the individual’s name, looking for items dropped and even footprints. In some cases weather can even hamper search efforts. If there’s rain or snow, it could distort any physical clues that might’ve been left by the missing person, like footprints or even blood.

If you’re looking to volunteer for the GBVSAR, you can check out their Facebook page here.