People Helping Horses Helping People
Written By: Monday, May 12th 2014

At 1095 Warminster Side Rd at RR#3 Coldwater there is a farm doing something incredible.

Horseplay Sanctuary owned and operated by Lillian Tepera  and Robert Timlin, is a rescue and shelter farm for mistreated, injured, infirm, abused, neglected and abandoned horses.  In addition to saving horses the facility provides therapeutic equine programs to abused women and children and to individuals with physical or cognitive impairment.

For 7 years the couple offered therapeutic riding programs under the Stonegate Farm name, but now as Horseplay Sanctuary they are proud to be recognized as a Registered Charitable operation by the CRA.  Both Lillian and Robert have full time jobs outside of Horseplay Sanctuary to keep this sanctuary afloat, but donations and volunteers are also vital for the operation.  The time and cost to operate this sanctuary is unbelievable, but with huge hearts Lillian and Robert are committed to help people with horses and save horses who otherwise have no hope.

The full story of Horseplay Sanctuary is at, but take a look at what Jack and Carey discovered on a recent visit to the farm.