Russian Site Streaming Canadian Security Cameras
Written By: Monday, May 8th 2017

It’s come to light that a Russian website is streaming Canadian Security cameras. In a report from Global News, the site is streaming the views of the camera’s because the factory set passwords weren’t changed. There were a couple of instances that the streams were viewing daycare playrooms. According to the article, those camera’s have been pulled from the website. In the FAQ section of the site, they specifically tell you that you can request to have your stream removed from the site, but that your camera’s view will still be available on the internet. The only way to have it unavailable is to set up a new password.

The website doesn’t require a login, you can simply search which country you’d like to view then scroll through the dozens of pages of streams.

In the half hour that Dock News spent looking through the different streams we saw

  • lots of barns, front doors, cash register views
  • one group of seniors playing cards with a John Wayne cutout
  • one girl eating while at her computer
  • a daycare in the US
  • lots of storage, back room, parking lots, city scapes