Snowflake Strong - the story behind the social campaign
Written By: Tuesday, January 31st 2017

An avalanche starts with a single snowflake

It all started when someone called me a “snowflake” on Facebook over some concerns I had during the American election campaign.

I didn’t know what it meant, but it seemed to me that the person was not trying to pay me a compliment, so I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary.

Snowflake – “An insult, used to mean that a person is too easily insulted or is too sensitive to (differing) opinions.”

As I mulled it over, it occurred to me that I was not offended in the least. I am sensitive, which is not a bad thing. Snowflakes also have some desirable qualities. Each is unique, different and beautiful – and when you put them together they can sparkle in the sunshine.

But more than beauty, when you put many snowflakes together, and give them a little push – they can become a powerful force of nature; an avalanche.

This was my post on Twitter and Facebook @CareyMoran :

A Facebook friend who saw it – took it a step further. Susan Laycock was at a meeting when it occurred to her that a snowflake could be used to symbolize support for diversity.

I was at a Local Immigrant Partnership Meeting this morning and we stopped the meeting for a moment of silence for the people killed in an attack at a Quebec mosque. We than talked about what MORE we can do to be a welcoming community. Our Police representative suggested we be on social media as much as possible. And that closed the loop for me! Let’s talk about a campaign …whereby Canadians can change their profile to a snowflake and show an avalanche of support for those who may be feeling disenfranchised. ~ @SusanLaycock

Snowflake Strong is born

In the wake of the shooting in Quebec – a hate crime by all accounts – it seems even more important for all of us to “stand on guard” for people of different ethnicities, who do not share our cultural and religious beliefs.

But more than that, we think the snowflake symbolizes diversity – and the acceptance and inclusion of everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, differing abilities and more. All these perspectives and experiences make Canada better, stronger.

We are asking you to replace your profile picture with this snowflake, share it, and encourage your friends to do the same to show an “avalanche” of support for immigrants, refugees and everyone who is proud to be or become Canadian. Please use #SnowflakeStrong