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Are you ready for Pumpkin Season?!?!

It’s tradition in KICX Country to grab your own gourd  – and we’ve partnered with Chappell Farms to come up with the top tips to pick that perfect pumpkin!

Whether you’re looking for a Halloween jack-o-lantern or a festive fall display, these tips will help you make the right choice.


Photo via Rob Kall (Flickr/CC)

Tip #1 Match Your Personality

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own special personality.  Do you want a happy pumpkin? A scary pumpkin? Maybe lumpy is what you are looking for.  Don’t settle for the first pumpkin you meet – take your time and look for the perfect match in the patch.




Photo via Irina (Flickr/CC)

Tip #2 Fifty Shades of Gourd – Choose Your Colour

Orange? Gold? Green, Yellow, White? Pumpkins come in an assortment of colours and shades.  Place the pumpkins beside each other, and compare the contrast.  Do you look for a “burnt orange”, or more of a “rust”? “Marigold” or “mahogany”? Find something that will match your autumn decorations outside your front door.



Tip #3 Time for a Workout – Find the Right Size

Did you know that pumpkins can grow to be more than 2000 lbs?!?! When sorting through the pumpkin patch, make sure to select a pumpkin that you can carry comfortably. Looking to bring home an extra-large specimen? Bring a wagon and a few kids to pull it.



Tip #4 Hard to Handle – Keep the Stem Intact

While harvesting, make sure to keep the stem on that beautiful piece of produce. Removing the stem allows mildew and bacteria to grow, shortening the life-span of your pumpkin. Extend it’s life by leaving about 4 inches of stem up top.



Tip #5 Give It a Knock

As you stroll through the fields looking for your pumpkin, bend down and give it a knock. This is the best way to determine if the pumpkin is solid, or starting to deteriorate.   Does the pumpkin sound hollow? A pleasant woody thud? That’s a good pumpkin.   Did your fist go through the side of the pumpkin when you gave it a knock? That pumpkin is probably not worth picking.




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