Unsavoury, You Say?
Written By: Thursday, February 4th 2016

Unique Ink of downtown Barrie is looking to change locations. They hope to bring their services to a new, bigger, more efficient building across the street to Dunlop. After initially being approved, the case was appealed and they were denied the move until another meeting can happen in April. Why were they denied? Because their business was deemed “unsavoury” and Barrie instituted a bylaw in 2011 stating there can’t be a tattoo shop within 100 meters of a cheque cashing business. the new building is beside one of these businesses. And even though currently they are also beside a cheque cashing business, they were still denied. The appeal to keep them at their current location comes back to one gentleman and his discrimination by calling Unique Ink “unsavoury”.

Click on the audio below by co-owner Andrew Batten of Unique Ink to hear his frustrations, and feel free to sign the petition online or in the shop, to let your support of their move be known.

For the record, I have SEVERAL tattoos… I pay my bills, I raise my kids and I am a contributing member of society. If this was any other business would they have to jump through hoops as Andrew and his staff have?




[sc_embed_player fileurl=http://kicx106.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/andrew-batten-unique-ink.mp3] (click to play clip)