What's wrong with country music culture??
Written By: Wednesday, May 30th 2012

Let me prefice this blog by saying, whatever you believe in this world is your choice…this subject is about tolerance and dignity.

Chely Wright. We know that name from the 90’s when she was the “it” girl. With singles such as “shut up and drive” and “single white female” she was climbing the charts on her way to being a household name everywhere. She was linked to Brad Paisley, and they dated for quite some time.

Until 2010, no one had any clue that Chely was about to come out as being gay.

She had said in an interview shortly after her “outing” that she had struggled for many years, knowing that this news would end her career. Why? How many LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people do YOU recognize in the world of country music? Exactly.

She has said that she got so depressed, she even felt like ending it all, and even purchased a gun which she held to her head. Powerful words right?

2 years later, Chely has gathered the pieces of her life. through being shamed from her mom, and ultimately from the world of country music that she loves so much, she is working on a documentary called “Wish me Away” http://www.wishmeawaydoc.com/

It’s being released in limited theatres as of Friday.

My question is…

in a world where we have freedom to live, speak and do as we wish, why is this still happening? I don’t want to claim to know the minds of “the powers that be” at the CMA’s, ACM’s or otherwise…but Chely will be the first to say, her invites to those events must have been lost in the mail.

What is it about the country culture that is making those backs be so far turned to Chely? Why is she the FIRST person in country music to come forward as being gay? Really, she’s the only one to come forward? What keeps these stars at bay? Is it the deep southern traditions?  I sure wish I had the answer. I love the country music culture, it’s songs about whiskey women and Jesus. That jeans and dusty cowboy boots are a must. It makes me shake my head the same culture can’t embrace equality to a fellow collegue and friend. Or, maybe the whole thing is hooey and Chely is making it up in her head. I sure hope it’s that… somehow I’m not convinced though.

Either way, I am so proud of Chely Wright. It’s not easy for anyone to come out, let alone in the public eye, and when you know that it could end it all for you.  Her happiness is well deserved, and I applaud her strength. Gay, straight, black, white…what’s it matter to you? Hey country music…what’s it matter to YOU?